How to Have Sex with Asian Girls

Asian Girls in Southeast Asia

For the purposes of your successful pursuit of sex with Asian girl, it will be important to differentiate between how to have sex with Asian girls in Asia versus Asian girls in the West. Because I do believe that these are two very different ball games.

In terms of Asian girls in Asia, I will spend my time focusing on Southeast Asia and East Asia. Though there are beautiful and wonderful girls in South/Southwest/Northwest Asia, the cultures in these regions are much different from what most men consider traditionally “Asian.”

Asian Girls in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is one of my absolute favourite regions in the world. The sun is always shining, the beaches are breathtaking, the food is phenomenal, and the women are wonderful. It’s certainly one of the most pleasant places to meet women. Asian or otherwise (minus the ugly underbelly of the sex trade, but that’s outside the scope of our purposes).

How do you approach and seduce Asian girl in Southeast Asia?

  • Being an attractive man still applies. Some people seem to think that just because you’re in a foreign country the rules of fashion and grooming seem to go out of the window. Though the fashion rules can be more relaxed in the tropics, you will do yourself a bigfavour by keeping up with your style. When I lived in Asia too often I had people telling me that I was the best dressed person in the room or even that they had seen that day.

And I definitely took my style down a notch for what I normally maintain in the West. But when you maintain a higher level of style than the men around you, you will make your job a lot easier. And when you have good style and fundamentals, you’ll often find…

  • Women sometimes will approach you or invite you to join them. Sometimes the best way to approach in Southeast Asia is to not to approach at all… because the women will approach you. This can be somewhat surprising for Western men, who are probably only used to this happening while women are in an inebriated state, if at all. But yes, Southeast Asian women are definitely wont to approach men; still in a reserved, feminine way – and make their opinion of you clearly known.

Don’t be surprised if a Southeast Asian girl comes up to you and say “I like you.” or “You’re cute.” And if she’s too shy to do so herself (which is oftentimes the case), she will send her friend as an emissary to communicate her desires. Alternatively, Southeast Asian girls who like you will often invite you to come join them for a meal or drink. I lost count of how many Southeast Asian girls bought me drinks or even meals in order to simply fulfil their desire of taking care of a high-value man and welcome him into their world.

  • If they don’t approach you, approach them and offer a simple compliment. Southeast Asian women don’t have the faculty of slight (or not so slight) suspicion of men who approach them as you might experience in the West, and in particular in the United States. Southeast Asian girls love meeting new people especially attractive foreign men.

I should reiterate that last point. Southeast Asian girls love meeting foreign men of all races, ethnicities, and origins. So if you’re visiting the region, that fact in itself will automatically work in your favour. And they will not reject your compliment. Even if they aren’t interested they will accept your compliment with a smile. So offer a simple compliment and get the ball rolling on the approach. If she is interested, she will be enthusiastic in finding out about you.

You don’t need any fancy or clever openers here. Just be friendly and be clear and you should be fine.

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